Shenzhou Bangbang completes Series A financing

Recently, Beijing Shenzhou Bangbang Technology Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shenzhou Bangbang), a pan AIOT digital service platform, announced the completion of Series A financing, which will be led by government funds. In this round of financing, Shenzhou Bangbang received widespread support and recognition from investors such as industrial capital, state-owned investment platforms, and financial institutions. After completing this round of financing, the shareholder structure of Shenzhou Bangbang has been further optimized, and the board governance system under the shareholder meeting has been improved.


It is reported that Shenzhou Bangbang is a third-party service ecosystem platform focused on AIOT devices, digital devices, and professional IT equipment for Shenzhou Information Incubation Investment. The service scenarios include door-to-door services for home digital devices, IT operations and maintenance for data centers and computing power centers, digital services for cross national chain businesses such as banking and insurance, and on-site human resources dispatching for large state-owned enterprises.


At present, Shenzhou Bangbang has built a transition from ToB to ToC, to families; The "Industrial Internet AIOT Service Digital Ecological Platform" extends from professional IT to intelligent AIOT, CT and pan digital IT, covering the whole IT life cycle, covering all regions and categories, and connecting the whole industry.

Cao Hongyi, the founder of Shenzhou Bangbang, stated that Shenzhou Bangbang is an innovative enterprise with core technological content. It has been rated as a specialized, refined, and innovative enterprise in Beijing and one of the top 100 private enterprises in Beijing, and has maintained rapid growth for many years. Shenzhou Bangbang will become the entrance to China's intelligent service society and build a brand of "with services, find Bangbang". In 2024, Shenzhou Bangbang will focus on covering community level pan AIOT service networks, ensuring the living and working needs of IT equipment and intelligent devices for households and small and medium-sized enterprises, and truly empowering social and economic development with new productive forces such as digital technology.